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At XO3D we create stunning 3D assets that redefine reality. Giving you the power to communicate through CGI like never before.


Imagining amazing spaces with creative concepts and new designs.

Masterplan Render Rom_Valley_Shops_IC-Capital_v02 (Large)

Creating smart products and collaborating with a game-changing company.

Kettle Pouring V1 (Large)

Simple E-Commerce images with style.



Also known as CGI or Computer Generated Imagery allows the viewers to go beyond the constraints of the real world. While giving clients the power to communicate their ideas in the best way possible.

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Headphone Visual

Architectural Visualization

The best tool in the arsenal of selling and undeveloped property.

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Furniture Visualization

Used by many big retailers to showcase photo-realistic furniture in many different environments and material colours.

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Interior Visualization

A perfect way to showcase multiple interior design ideas through different times of day and furniture settings.

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Jewellery Visualization

For jewellery designers or shop owners to visualize their designs or stock in a much superior way than photography.

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Product Visualization

Product visuals make or break a sales especially when being used in E-commerce.

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Creative video 3D assets that inspire across any sector. By using storyboarding to motion graphics and post-production with visual effects. We have the team to bring your visions to life.

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Architectural Animations

In today’s environment, Architectural Animation is a very strong asset for people such as property developers. Using these videos, clients can view your properties without even setting foot inside the property.

Furniture Animations

Instead of a boring instruction manual why not show your clients how to assemble their new furniture with a stunning furniture animation?

Interior Animations

Why not show your clients a walk around their potential new home from the comfort of current their own home? 

Jewellery Animations

With the ability to show jewellery pieces 10 times the size of real life, the true beauty of diamonds and precious metals in 3D animation is always breathtaking. 

Product Animations

With a variety of uses, product rendering gives clients the ability to show anything they want to their customers. 

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An essential part to any 3D project. These valuable assets are the building blocks in both 3D Animation and 3D Rendering.

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3D Model Visual

Architectural Modelling

The basis of any 3D work. Architectural models must be created for 3D Renderings and animations.

Furniture Modelling

Furniture modelling is essential for furniture designers to help them build their ideas in 3D.

Interior Modelling

Just like Architectural modelling, Interior models are used by interior designers or architects to see how their ideas will look in a 3D environment. 

Jewellery Modelling

Jewellery modelling is essential for jewellery designers. Jewellery models can be used for the production of rings.

Product Modelling

Product modelling can be used in the early stages of the design process to iron out any kinks in the designs, likewise, these 3D models are also be used in the 3D animation and rendering services. 



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