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What is 3D rendering?

3D rendering is a creative process that uses computer graphics to convert 3d models into nice pretty pictures. It may include photo realistic or non photo realistic images. It is the final process of creating the actual 2D image or animation. That may be used for a range of different things from conceptualisation to marketing.

In comparison, you can get the same results as taking a picture or video in real life. The difference being that the output will be created digitally. It is a powerful tool that has more flexibility than professional photography or videography.

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Who uses 3D Rendering in their work?

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Where are 3D Renderings used?

Online shops/E-Commerce

The future we imagined is here and most of our shopping is now done online. To showcase products in a superior way over photography 3D rendered images is a must.

Television Adverts

If you have ever seen a Apple or Samsung advert on television, then you are looking at 3D rendered animations in their highest quality.


Give your brand the attention it deserves with a dominating image. Create maximum impact with our 3D rendering services for billboard adverts.

Social Media

With social media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website is live. 3D rendering plays a huge part in catching a consumers eye while scrolling.


The shop front for many online business has to create impact for the viewer, otherwise the sale could be lost instantly. With the use of 3D rendering visually pleasing images can pull this off easily.

Newspapers & Magazines

With the power of 3D rendering, stunning images can be used for print in magazines and newspapers.

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How are 3D Renderings created?

First of all, every 3D rendering has to start off as a 3D model, these are represented by a series of geometrical shapes connected into a three dimensional space. There are different modelling software’s for the desired outcomes, but most software’s use polygonal modelling such as Rhinceros 3D, 3DS Max and Google SketchUp.

Secondly, to give the model any real form, lighting must be introduced. The most basic form of a lighting setup is three point lighting where the method of a lighting uses three distinct light source positions to illuminate the subject or scene. The setup of the lights helps create different moods for the final image, and are usually played and tweaked throughout the process.

At this stage, all the materials of the 3D scene or subject are created. They are created by using multiple different images in layers that create different types of  bumps, reflections, roughness and more. The materials have to be tailored to meet the desired results, while working with the lighting created in the previous step to bring out the perfect reflections and shadows to give depth to the image. At the end of this stage the render engine is set off, and the computer creates a raw image.

In addition to the modelling and rendering software’s there are also post production software, such as Photoshop. This is where the images that have been outputted from the render engine are all brought together, layered and tweaked to create the final photo realistic outcome.

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What is the 3D Renderings service workflow?


    Firstly, to begin a project, clients provide all the information required. For product visualisations, we require things such as drawings, design specifications, sketches, mood boards or other type of information you may have.


    To clarify, we will check all of the content the clients have provided and ask for more details if necessary. In addition, a meeting, phone call or Skype call is always beneficial. To sum up, this helps avoid any misconception and allows us to shorten turnaround times for 3D rendering services.


    We start working as soon as we understand all of the details the task requires and time frames have been agreed by both parties. Our 3D artists keep in constant contact with the clients throughout this process, with regular updates.


    After that, we present draft 3D renders to you for comments and review. Then, adjustments are made.


    In short, acceptance is given from the client for final processing.


    Finally, the 3D visuals are presented, after post production, in high resolution with full quality lighting, reflections, glossiness and materials.

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How can 3D rendering help you?

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What are the benefits of using 3D Rendering services?


    3D rendering brings life to flat drawings and 3D models. For example interior or exterior plans of buildings, looking at what a product may look like when it has been built or manufactured. You can maximise the design process of the space or project allowing your ideas to thrive through amazing visualisations.


    Design costs can be cut. The design process usually involves multiple changes due to uncertainty of how something may look. With 3D rendering and 3D modelling the product or space can be visualised quickly and easily experimented on.


    3D rendering accelerates the approval process. Design choices become much more clear. Leaving no room for miscommunication. Reducing the overall design time.


    3D modeling and 3d rendering is an effective marketing tool for new and upcoming projects. Images are powerful in communicating and visualising future plans to investors. As a result, top home builders and designers use 3D rendering to sell homes and products. Before they are built or produced. Giving clients opportunity to change designs, colors, textures and size.


    If you are a architect, real estate agent, product designer or marketer. Marketing your new idea is much easier with 3d rendering. It helps to create enthusiasm around the future of the development and design process.


    You can use 3D rendering to publish ideas or future project development, design trends, and future building technology options to gain feedback from relevant parties.

What are the different sectors of 3D Rendering?


Architectural Rendering

Most commonly created renders are Architectural renderings. Architects, project managers, property developers, investors and many more use them. Noteworthy, potential buyers can see the new build before creation. You can use these images to show investors as funding is also very important. Similarly, 3D renderings play a major role in real estate marketing and sales. Likewise, you can make design related decisions quickly and easily. Before the project is built. Thus, it helps experimenting with building design and its visual aspects.


Interior Rendering

Interior visualisation grips the power of 3D software's to create photo realistic images for interior designers. When you need to bring your interior designs to life then XO3D is a one stop shop that offers the full package that you require by using plans, sketches and mood boards to bring your designs to life. While co-operating with the interior designers we deliver exactly what you are looking for using the most advanced 3D technology.


Product Rendering

Product rendering is perfect to show off your ideas. From sketch to production. 3d rendering can help you see what their products will look like with different colours and materials. Product rendering is about much more than just making something look good. It is about design, process, business, and lifestyle. Now more than ever, our artists are using product rendering and 3D – visualisation to give us real reasons to open our wallets.


Jewelry Visualisation

Jewelry rendering services present a fast and affordable way for designers to explore their ideas of new concepts and bring together showcases of their new products to sell them before they have even been produced. With a highly powerful team of CGI artists XO3D is able to create perfect photo-real jewelry CGI imagery by using tailored lighting, materials and effective camera angles. While working closely to develop the design and style intended by the creator. Showing your brand in all its brilliance.


Furniture Rendering

3D furniture rendering is the best and fastest way to get amazing eye catching images for your catalogue, using these images in a much more effective way for your marketing campaign. 3D Rendering is so much faster than photography that it makes it much more cheaper and efficient. Furniture giants such as IKEA are already harnessing the power of 3D rendering. Its time for you to as well!

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What image resolution do you require for your 3D Renderings?

Firstly, image resolution is a very important specification that needs to be clarified early stages in any project, as it impacts the project greatly. The larger the images the more render time and therefore more work it takes to complete. In short, the image size you require all depends on the size of the display you are wanting to display your 3D Renderings on. We have written an in depth guide to image resolution here.

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How much do 3D Renderings cost?

The price of a 3D rendering depends largely on what is involved in the image. For example, there could be a small product or in contrast a large building. In our opinion there is no set price for an image, that’s why all our quotes are tailored by each project. Creating renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process which was only viable for large development companies.  Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer. We have split them up into 4 Tiers below and have written an in depth guide to how much you should be paying for your 3D renderings here.

The prices below are generalised, and it really does depend on the project. But these are guidelines for clients new to the 3D rendering field.

TIER 1 – 




TIER 2 – 




TIER 3 – 




TIER 4 – 






    With a diverse team of artists, designers and 3D modellers. We have the perfect experience for any creative project to bring your ideas to life.


    Ensuring the smoothest process. We deliver quality work on time.


    Through our experience in workflow optimisation, we can give you the discounts and give you more bang for you bucks.


    At Xo3D, the best creative minds tailor your project to bring your products to light in amazing fashion.


    Xo3D drives by technology and continually seeks solutions to improve our workflow. From the latest software and hardware, to different strategies to complete projects faster with constant improvements on quality.


    We pride ourselves in communication and customer service. Throughout your project there will be constant updates of how we are getting on with your images. We are always at the end of a email or phone call.

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3D Rendering FAQ

3D rendering can range from £50 to £10 000 per image, due to this, 3D rendering is a very confusing space because its difficult for clients to understand why there is such a huge price range for a image. We have written an article here that aims to remove the confusion for clients.

3D rendering is a creative process that uses computer graphics to convert 3D models into engaging images. It may include photo realistic or non photo realistic images. It is the final process of creating the actual 2D image or animation. Read further on 3D rendering here.

A photorealistic rendering is a 3D rendering that is life like. It is a style of 3D rendering that allows clients to have a image that looks as good or better than a camera could take. Photorealistic images are created from 3D models.

Usually images can be turned around in less than a week. Images can be done in 24 hours, depending on the project size it could take longer.