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Learn about architectural rendering and its applications.


Architectural Rendering brings any development life. For example, we can create complex high-end visuals to enhance your project proposal, as well as produce images for competition or marketing purposes. Many developers use 3D Architectural Visualisation as a way to promote development, and usually before the build process is begun due to an inability to produce photography. Traditionally, we are provided with a model produced by Architects in 3D modelling software. Moreover, to help with the design process many people create preliminary images using the power of visuals to move the project forward. During the cases where an Architect’s model is not available, one can be created from sketches, photos, drawings, specifications, or other CAD formats using our 3D modelling services.

Beach Villa Sunset Architectural Visual
Residential Beach front property villa render


Likewise, Architects are one of the biggest users of Architectural Visualization. This is because it helps key decision-makers understand the idea and view of the Architect’s mind – we all know images speak louder than words. Most importantly, 3D Rendering is the key to easy planning permission and a sure way to win your next job.

Property Developers are another big user of Architectural Visuals. This is because using photo-realistic imagery of buildings that have not yet been built help make sales much faster.

Firstly, you as a homeowner can utilise Architectural Rendering to see what your new renovations will look like. Secondly, you can design your new dream home and have it brought to light in amazing fashion before the development has begun.

In addition, Landscape Designers use Architectural Renderings to communicate design ideas to their clients in the best way possible. Whereas using Architectural Visuals often helps sell the project in a way that idealizes the landscape and helps to create the perfect images.

Similarly, to the others, Estate Agents use Architectural Visualization in their work because they can show the properties they are trying to sell in a much more appealing light than just a boring photo.

Penthouse CGI

Additionally, Property Investors will use Architectural Visuals for many reasons. For example, they could want to show a new commercial building that is in the development phase.

When property developers take a project to a marketing company, usually they need Architectural Visualisation to show off the properties in all the best ways possible to make the development look amazing; therefore creating the groundwork for the marketing team to advertise the properties.

Game Designers are another great example of where Architectural Rendering is used. These designers use Arch Vis to show off their ideas to co-workers before the game has been developed.

Designing how a building may look for a certain film is another ability of Architectural Visualisation, helping CGI artists to bring the vision of the director to life through the communication of imagery.

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Rom Valley Block D 3D rendering


Most importantly, images speak louder than words. Many, if not all people see things in a better light when they can have an Architectural Visualisation in front of them instead of having to imagine it. Firstly, from the start of a project, all parties that are invested need to be able to see what a building will look like once it is completed. Therefore, with XO3Ds professional Architectural Rendering services you can quickly show what the project will look like from beginning to end. Similarly, while communicating different materials and what they may look like in different atmospheres and lighting.

To sum up, in the past this was not the case, but since technology has advanced CGI images are more accessible than ever. This is because computer power has dramatically increased. Therefore, Architectural Renderings take less and less time to process allowing work to be completed faster and more efficiently than ever.

Above all, social media is taking over as the preferred channel to market. Most importantly, you must have show-stopping imagery to catch your market’s attention. Likewise, it is extremely important to use social media to show off your project in the best way possible. Therefore, our 3D Artists can design creative content that is tailored for any social media platform. In short, it is very difficult to distribute large CAD data and physical copies of drawings. Therefore, it is much easier to send high-quality imagery, via email, social media or to publish on websites.

Moreover, 3D Architectural Rendering offers the ability to visualize many different concepts and options for any project. For example, this can include different materials, shapes, and textures of buildings. That is to say, a 3D Rendering can quickly and effectively show invested parties what all the different options will look like.

At XO3D, we can use actual CAD data from sources such as Google Earth. Likewise using project images, technical drawings, or any other accurate information that may help us to create high-end visualisations. For example, blending photos with 3D Renderings in a montage. Most importantly, this can be an affordable and effective way to communicate the vision of your project.

Because designs are built-in 3D and not just on paper, we can easily visualise the idea, using actual CAD data and being able to spot potential issues within the construction of the project.

By using stunning 3D imagery to show your clients what the real deal will look like before it is built, you can easily close your sales. Increasing cash flow.

Likewise, by using our 3D Architectural Rendering services, you can set yourself apart from the competition. In addition to the beauty and simplicity of our carefully crafted, tailored images will blow your competition out of the water. Moreover, while communicating your vision in a way that no other can match.

Birds-Eye View


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Architectural Visualization Billboard Advert Example


Architectural Visualization Magazine Advert Example


Architectural Visualization Social Media Advert Example


Architectural Visualization Transport Advert Example


Some Other places Architectural Renders are often used:

  • Websites
  • Newspapers
  • Direct mail
  • Leaflets
  • Outdoor Adverts
  • Television Adverts
Architectural Visualization Website Example



    XO3D offers our clients carefully crafted specialised packages for exterior residential 3D Renderings. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a large developer, we offer the same high-quality service. Likewise, we understand that the needs of these clients are not always the same, some clients need affordable house renders that provide excellent value, quality, and professionalism. But on the other hand, some of our clients need renders that will stand out amongst the competition to show off their high-end homes. This is why we offer two tiers of services.



With our standard 3D rendering services that we tailor for homeowners, custom home builders, and small developers, clients can get house renderings that are less expensive, but still high quality and high-resolution images.



Our premium house rendering services are suited for high-end customized homes that have much more extensive development and are larger in size. These renderings feature higher quality standards of lighting and the ability to show much better detail with more customized models.


    Townhouse renders have many uses, most commonly for marketing purposes. However, sometimes regulatory bodies require you to get a render done to show how the building is going to fit within a neighbourhood.


    Commercial renderings are used for many different reasons, from showing off a brand new remodelling of a store to football stadiums. As important as the main structure these types of images also depend on the surrounding environment to truly visualize what the building will look like when it is in place and to see how it will fit in its new home. Often these types of image packages will include birds’ eye renders and multiple different camera angles to remarkably show off the designs.


    This is considered one of the most challenging types of images as they require extensive detail due to the complexity of the building. These types of images are usually at the top end of the spectrum. Trying to fit large buildings in one image is a challenge for many photographers, but with 3D rendering, this problem is wiped out; giving us the ability to create the most show-stopping images for any sized development. An important aspect of these types of renders is to capture the surrounding environment to create the perfect backdrop. The mood of these images all depends on what the client requires and what the 3D artists want to convey and highlight within the image.


    Using surrounding landscapes in your project is a great way to provide an atmosphere and mood to the image, whether for a new homeowner or as a landscape architect. At XO3D, we can use our diverse library of trees and vegetation to show the specific features of the project. With landscape architectural visualization we turn plans and ideas into stunning 3D imagery that are easy to understand and really show off the amazing architectural elements.

XO3D Office Architectural Visual



Firstly, we begin architectural renderings with the creation of a 3D model. 3D architectural modelling is the process of developing a proposed representation of the building on the computer. To clarify and begin this process an idea is needed, 3D models can be created from things such as technical drawings, sketches or photographs.


Lighting is created and it can be thought of the same as a photography studio but on a computer. The lighting is applied in different directions to create the best reflections that bring out all the details of the form of the architecture. Depending on the desired outcome of the render.


Thirdly, the desired materials are added to the walls and objects within the scene and tweaked with all different settings, using multiple different images and processes to get the materials to look as they would in real life. After that, the lighting is finalised to highlight the finer details of the architect’s design.


Finally, setting the scene is set off on the final stages of the process. This is where the computer does its work, by generating the images so that they can be used. The render engine is started so that it creates all different types of outputs that are subsequently brought together in post-production software such as Photoshop and a pretty picture is created by our 3D artists.

how are interior renders created


Image resolution is a very important specification that needs to be clarified in the early stages of any project. This is because it impacts the project greatly. The larger the images the more render time and more work it takes to complete. In short, the image size you require all depends on the size of the display you are wanting to display your 3D Renderings on. We have written an in-depth guide to image resolution here.

Night Architectural Render of Flats
Architectural Visualisation of Flats



    To begin an architectural visualization project, clients provide all the information required. For arch vis, things such as drawings, design specifications, sketches, mood boards, or other types of information clients may have been presented to us.


    We will check all of the content the clients have provided and ask for more details if necessary. In addition, a meeting, phone call, or Skype call is always beneficial. This helps avoid any misconception and allows us to shorten turnaround times for 3D rendering services.


    Work is begun as soon as we understood all of the details the task requires and time frames have been agreed upon by both parties. Our 3D artists keep in constant contact with the clients throughout this process, with regular updates.


    A draft 3D render is presented to clients for comments and review. Then, adjustments are made.


    Penultimately, acceptance is given from the client for final processing.


    The final 3D visuals are presented, after post-production, in high resolution with full quality lighting, reflections, glossiness, and materials.



  • Architectural Plans

  • Material Guide

  • Product Examples

  • Camera Guide

Although we do not need all of the above, these will make the project much smoother. Read further here.

Chigwell Aerial 3D Rendering

XO3D has worked on a couple of different projects for us (a property development company) and my colleagues and I have been extremely impressed and happy with their work. Throughout the creation process, Alex Mann at XO3D was extremely responsive and adaptable to ensure our design needs were met. The final product has always been of the highest quality and really brings to life the architectural drawings with precise attention to detail. 100% would recommend.

Seb – 

Director  – Impact Capital Group


XO3D offers a range of different types of Architectural Rendering Services. Many of these are usually combined into a package. For example, a well-thought-out marketing visualization package is normally made up of imagery from various angles and views. Below we explain the different types of Architectural Renderings shots.

Funding and Pitch Winning Visuals

CGI brings the most difficult Architectural Structures to a life well before construction. With the most imaginative concepts, architectural visualisation is a must to win over the key people you need to fund the project while keeping costs low and allowing people to understand the creative vision that you need to convey. CGI is the perfect solution to secure a win with your next big pitch.

Aerial 3D Renderings

By using drone images we are able to capture exactly where the plot is in real life. From there we are able to match our CGI scene and cameras to the real-life camera setting and create seamless photo montages. Subsequently, these are great types of images that allow a wider range of views than just your traditional imagery. Likewise, these types of images can be made in 3D. For example, if there was a large development of houses, the same outcome can be achieved through 3D without having to use drone imagery.

Rom Valley Architectural Rendering Cam 1

Light Study Renders

Just like the ability of close-up shots to apply focus to the viewer, we can also achieve a similar impression using various lightings. The versatility of 3D allows a single shot to have a vast range of lighting solutions – a quick and cost-effective solution for photography. No one has to be paid to stand out for days on end trying to get the perfect lighting that may only last for fractions of a moment. You can see here some of the ways in which lighting can change the same shot.

Residential Architectural Rendering Sun LightResidential Architectural Rendering Night

Material Studies

Likewise, material studies can be important to make the decision of what colours, textures, and materials you want to go with for your project. With the ability to quickly change images within 3D rendering, we can output multiple layers of different materials to show all the combinations that you want to see.

  • Architectural Visualisation Material Selector Brick 3
  • Architectural Visualisation Material Selector Brick 2
  • Architectural Visualisation Material Selector Brick 4

Residential Front View Renderings

Simple front images of new housing developments are always powerful, giving the viewer the ability to see what it may look like to walk up to the brand new home, and secure that sale you need before the house has been built.

Residential Architectural Visualization Day Time

Planning Permission Visuals

Planning permission can be a challenging process with so many hoops to jump through, but using the ability of 3D rendering, we can show decision-makers exactly what the developments will look like to secure the final decisions to move forward.

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Rom Valley Architectural Visual

Focused Renders

You can do many things with focus shots. It allows you to lead the viewer down a garden path so to speak. When you are telling a visual story, you need to guide your viewer. Similar to the way an author structures a novel. Firstly, by using focus shots as part of a series of images you can really promote the best elements of your designs. Likewise, the use of a single focus shot can have a dramatic impact. Especially as the background to a particular product or element in the shot. Therefore, they will save you time and money by not having to hire a photographer every time you need some new images. Above all, 3D Architectural Rendering is cheaper and you have much more control when you need to update your range or make changes quickly.

Architectural Focused Render

People Integration Images

Adding people to a 3D image adds a level of realism that really helps make the image more believable. Many clients choose to use this option to create a lifestyle idea for the viewer. It’s also a great way to show more of a story to the image that makes it more interesting.

Architectural Visualization VillaArchitectural Visualization People Integration

Creative Visualisations

Bring more life to images through imagination. In contrast to some simple studio, shots merge some flair into the idea to create something mysterious and unique. At XO3D we can also utilize video tools to create a reveal. Much like many Apple and Samsung videos, in which the development is unveiled in an exciting way.

Architectural creative render 3D building glass

Close up 3D Renders

Close-up shots are used in all sorts of art. The power of a close-up shot is that you can laser in on a particular part of an image. Why would you want to focus on a certain element? Well, for several reasons. Firstly, you may want to show a particular element due to its unique design or function. You may also have a singular focal point for a project or design. Many designers start with a single piece of inspiration. Such as the idea of a spider’s web in the alcoves or perhaps a fireplace designed stone by stone. Although a wider lens will show the feature in situ. It is also powerful to show a close-up shot to emphasize the point.

Close Up Architectural Render Penthouse


Firstly, the price of a 3D Rendering depends largely on what is involved in the image. For example, there could be a small product, or in contrast, a large building. In our opinion, there is no set price for an image. That’s why all our quotes are tailored for each project. Creating renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process that was only viable for large development companies. Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer. Finally, we have split them up into 4 Tiers below and have written an in-depth guide to how much you should be paying for your 3D Renderings here.

Noteworthy, the prices below are generalized, and it really does depend on the project. But these are guidelines for clients new to the 3D Rendering field.

TIER 1 – 




TIER 2 – 




TIER 3 – 




TIER 4 – 


£1500-£10 000




    With a diverse team of artists, designers and 3D modellers. We have the perfect experience for any creative project to bring your ideas to life.


    Ensuring the smoothest process. We deliver quality work on time.


    Through our experience in workflow optimisation, we can give you discounts and give you more bang for your bucks.


    At Xo3D, the best creative minds tailor your project to bring your products to light in amazing fashion.


    Xo3D drives by technology and continually seeks solutions to improve our workflow. From the latest software and hardware to different strategies to complete projects faster with constant improvements in quality.


    We pride ourselves on communication and customer service. Throughout your project, there will be constant updates on how we are getting on with your images. We are always at the end of an email or phone call.

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Forest Cabin Architectural Visualization


Architectural visuals can range from £50 to £10 000. Due to this, 3D architectural rendering is a very confusing space. Its difficult for clients to understand why there is such a huge price range for a image. We have written an article here that aims to remove the confusion for clients.

Architectural 3D visualisation is a creative process that uses computer graphics to convert 3d models into engaging images. It may include photo-realistic or non-photorealistic images. It is the final process of creating the actual 2D image or animation. Read further on 3D rendering here.

A photorealistic rendering is a 3D rendering that is lifelike. A style of 3D rendering that allows an image to look as good or better than a camera could take. Photorealistic images are created from 3D models.