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What is augmented reality?

Put simply Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Computer graphics are placed in the real world and are seen in real-time as if they are integrated together. Although today Augmented Reality is still at the start of its venture, it will change the future as we know it.

Augmented Reality is one of the best futuristic technologies. In the last decade, different labs and companies have built other technology that provides Augmented Technology. One of the best by which Augmented Reality unfiltered into our everyday life is by using mobile games we play such as Pokemon Go. Different types of research continue that make use of Augmented Reality. In this article, we will learn everything about Augmented Reality and how you can use it to your maximum benefits.

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Augmented Reality is changing the way business works. It is changing the shape and functionality of businesses all around the world.


Slowly and steadily, Augmented Reality is changing the way business and E-Commerce works. Augmented Reality can help visualise products in your room. It will also help make virtual fitting rooms so that customers can decide on the walls’ colour.


AR has a lot to offer when it comes to the real estate business. It can help customers to experience the home differently. From showing products in place, or even showing how something might look when it’s built. 


Many games are now creating AR aspects to immerse people, even more, for example, Pokemon Go has been a big hit.


AR has a lot to offer for tourism as well. It will help in creating engaging shows and draw tourists.

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AR offers different benefits. Some of the significant benefits of AR include:

  • The most significant benefit offered by AR is that anyone can easily use it. It is highly beneficial for mentally as well as physically disabled people.

  • Use of AR blurs the difference between the real world and the virtual world.

  • The highly interactive nature of AR will help you to assess different instances in advance.

  • You can also determine the success and failure of an instance by using AR’s computing ability. Thus, you will be able to save lots of money.

  • AR finds usage in different industries, especially in the health sector. It also improves the diagnosis as well as treatment of different types of diseases.

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caught all of us off-guard. But, one of the futuristic technologies called AR is highly beneficial in the Covid-19 time. AR technology has helped companies all across the world in improving their business as more people have to stay home. 

AR is becoming one of the most critical technologies in the digital space. VR often overshadows AR, but it is expected to take a more significant share in the upcoming year. As per a study, the AR market will be almost $75 billion by 2023. In addition to this, AR technology will surpass VR in terms of revenue. AR will be the first futuristic technology that will penetrate deep into the mass market. AR has a massive opportunity in all major sectors like healthcare, education, retail, and media. 

Thus, if you haven’t used AR’s full potential to date, it’s time to use it now. The market will soon get flooded with devices and equipment that uses AR. Thus, AR technology has a pretty bright future, and you must try to benefit from this futuristic technology.

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