If you are into interior or graphic designing, you probably are aware of mood boards. You must have indeed seen the online mood boards, especially the ones on Pinterest.

If you browse through Instagram and Pinterest throughout the day, it is best to use mood boards. Well, mood boards have come a long way and are considered highly beneficial in the long run.

One of the primary purposes of mood boards is that they help to style and design your home. If you visualise your space designed in a particular style, you should surely try out mood boards. The professionals can play an essential role in ensuring and developing the boards.


Mood boards are visual tools through which the designers communicate their ideas and concepts. The designers, when designing a particular space, have a lot going on in their minds. But, since they can’t draw everything, they make sure to bring down the elements into a piece of paper.

Mood boards are incredibly crucial and can be helpful. Considerably, mood boards are a planned and thoughtful arrangement of pieces of text and images. They combine all the elements to determine how a particular space will look like. One of the most significant benefits of mood boards is that they help increase a sense of style and concept.

Mood boards are primarily digital and physical collages that comprise elements like images, text, and more. This plays an essential role in bringing into the limelight the finalized designs. Mood boards can be used for different purposes, especially for the design project.

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Mood boards are used mainly by designers. Graphic designers and interior designers significantly use it. They play an essential role in the presentation of website design, brand design, product design, and so much more.

As stated, the mood boards are used mainly for the portrayal of particular designs. These can play an essential role in bringing forth the final design.

Mood boards can offer many purposes, especially the organization of particular elements in a specific project. It may either be digital or physical, depending on the requirement. If you are into design projects, you can always start using mood boards. The designers use mood boards because it helps to retain style and aesthetics.

If your client has only requirements, you can always indulge in using mood boards. Moreover, when you have a mood board ready with you, it will enable you to bring changes depending on the clients’ expectations. The mood boards play an essential role in improving a particular project. Even amateurs are designing mood boards on Instagram and Pinterest. This is eventually giving a boost to several small businesses.

Compared to other processes, mood boards are an extensive investment. However, they are meager budget because it does not consume a lot of time and resources. As a result, the mood boards would play an essential role in building and keeping up with the final design. But, if it does not convey the same, you are always allowed to make changes.

Mood boards can prove to be an extremely convenient way to explain to your clients what you’re planning. As a web designer, you may not explain what you plan to do with the client’s website. Hence, you can design the mood board and eventually help them get the best results. The clients are usually unaware of various designing terms. You can thus use an example to show them what you want. You can incorporate all elements in a mood board and consult your clients about what they think.

One of the primary purposes of mood boards is that it allows the design teams to stay on the same page. When a team works on a project, they need to be on the same page to ensure proper updates. This will further allow the professional designers to keep a check with how the particular project is proceeding.

Blue Mood Board
Pink Mood Board


The mood boards are proving to be highly beneficial. Now that several designers are using it, you may want to become one of them to start using it. Well, as a designer, if you still haven’t used mood boards, you are let.

Some of the most common reasons you should be using mood boards for your designing projects include the following.












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Cream Mood board


Mood boards can play a transforming role in inexperience. It helps to bring your imagination into reality. Therefore you will always want the best. Your mood board should not be confusing. Whether you are doing it professionally or for a college project, you need to ensure that you follow mood board creation accurately.

  • Go beyond the digital world.

    You are a designer, so why limit yourself? Whenever you are creating a mood board, you need to go overboard. Well, creating a sample mood board is no challenging task.

    You can indeed include the images you found online on your mood board. But, it would be best if you also went beyond the digital world when you are creating a mood board. However, if you stick to the online world only, you may be violating the copyright rules.

    Several photographers post free images that you can use in the long run. Moreover, when you take inspiration from the real world, creativity flows up too. According to expert designers, this real-world inspiration can be a critical ‘convincing’ factor for the clients.

  • Click pictures

    You should always include real pictures clicked by you on mood boards. Honestly, we have a lot of elements around us to inspire. So, why not just use the most of it? You can click pictures of these small elements around you that may be helpful for the mood board designing process. However, it is necessary to determine how you’re using the typography. Minor signs, birds flying, colour, and design of buildings can be highly aesthetic and convincing.

    You wouldn’t believe it, but one small corner of your room, too, can have a significant impact on your mood boards. Honestly, you should know how to use these pictures and not be a professional photographer. As long as the images convey feelings and thoughts, they can be a great addition to your theme.

  • Include everything you have

    Once you have the designs with you, it is time that you include them all. When you bring the different elements together, it becomes easy to carry on with the design process.

    It is effortless to bring everything together, but it is very tough to arrange them. If you have ever been to art galleries, you know how it feels. Every art is stuffed together, and yet it appears to be so peaceful.

    When you are putting the mood board elements together, you need to consider yourself as a curator. You are collecting and designing things, but all of it has to have a purpose. It is crucial to indulge in thread management so when the client shifts from one element to another, they know what to expect.

  • Choose the format

    Formats are essential for mood boards. It is necessary to determine how your mood board will appear. You need to focus on every small detail to build up the perfect mood board for your design project.

    You can always indulge in choosing an offline mood board. However, you need to keep a check with style and how it is to be presented online. However, you may need to put in some effort while designing the format of the mood board. Your clients are going to view mood boards on a digital medium. Hence, it would be best to design an online mood board that will look aesthetic.

  • Join them in a large image

    Once your format and small details are ready, you need to join them into one large image. Irrespective of your mood board mode, you will need to give extreme importance to the theme. Well, you can support your central theme with some additional small elements.

    These small elements may have a profound impact without you knowing about them. You will eventually be able to classify the images and designs accordingly.

    Once you have designed the mood board, it is necessary to check how it is performing before pitching it to the client. Well, you can consult a few friends about how it looks. Mood board is one of the central stepping stones towards the designing project. Hence, make sure that there are minimal flaws in it.