Duux, a Dutch designer and manufacturer of functional and aesthetic air treatment products, contacted us through Bram to help them create 3D visuals for their new line of radiators as an alternative to photography. You can visit their website here and see some of our work in action.


Product Rendering


3D Modelling
3D Rendering

Duux Radiators (Grey)

2 Colour Variations

Visit the Duux website to purchase yours here.

  • DUUX-dark-grey-Radiator-E-Commerce-Amazon-Image-Example-1

Duux was running on a tight production deadline for their new radiator product launch and their usual photography solution can no longer keep up with the visual assets needed to produce packaging and marketing images. The client had to turn to Google in order to find a suitable replacement. Thanks to SEO work, XO3D appeared at the top of their searches and after looking at our website, they decided to inquire. After a short meeting via video call, the client felt confident that we would be able to complete the work to a high level of quality and within their short deadline requirements.

Needless to say, we delivered. You can read the Google review the client wrote for us further down this page, or on Google itself.

  • Dark Grey Radiator Front View Render
  • Dark Grey Radiator Side Angled
  • Dark Grey Radiator Side View Render
  • Dark Grey Radiator 3D Render
  • Dark Grey Radiator close up buttons


XO3D provided Duux the 3D advantage – the ability to create stunning product images even before it hits the production floor, which otherwise wasn’t possible with photography. The photography solution was not only time-consuming, but completely impossible due to the fact that the product had not yet begun manufacturing.

We helped Duux create high-quality imagery, but with a shorter turnaround time.

Dark Grey Radiator close up

We recently asked XO3D to render pack shots for an upcoming product that will launch in the winter of ’21. We were under severe time constraints and Alex and his team rose to the challenge and delivered the results on time and with great quality. We weren’t sure what to expect from a 3D product render in comparison to product photos. The pictures that I shared as reference material were enough to get realistic looking results. There were enough planned moments to provide input and great flexibility in incorporating our feedback. All in all super happy about the quality and professional service!

Dennis –

Marketing Communications / E-Commerce ManagerDuux

  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-Remote-front
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-Remote-Grey

The client mentioned to us that they had once in the past explored a 3D solution, however, it was unsuccessful. Needless to say, they were rather hesitant in exploring the option a second time, but the short deadline meant that this was a must. Having utilised our services, and received the service they did, they are now in talks for us to provide 3D solutions for their entire range.

Duux Banner - Grey Radiator CGI (New)

Initially, we brought the client models in our 3D software and found they were already to a manufacturing standard. This meant that they did not require any additional editing from our side. Because of this, the project times required were practically cut in half.

To achieve top-quality renders, we require a top-quality model. Having ascertained that these models were of the highest quality, we knew early on that we would be able to achieve these short deadlines. Had the model required significant work, there is a high probability that the deadline would not have been met.

Due to our experience in this area, we were able to produce grey cards sent to the client within a day. Fortunately, from our discussions, the client was aware of how important quick feedback was going to be. Therefore, by the next morning, we had already received camera comments as well as having the client being able to see their model in some basic lighting. The client also provided us with a detailed material dossier which meant once again that there was no need for back and forth when it came to texture. Upon receiving the material previews, the client had no further comments.

Due to these speedy responses and detailed requirements, the project was delivered by the end of the following week – ready for production.

Duux Radiators (White)

2 Colour Variations

Visit the Duux  website to purchase yours here.

DUUX Radiator E-Commerce Amazon Image Example 1
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Front
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-Left-30-White
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Left
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Right

Because of the tight deadlines, we only had enough time to render the product in one colour. However, the deliverable required two colour finishes to meet these deadlines and deliver the required colours, we combined one set of renders with a photoshop colour change solution which meant that we were able to deliver early – much to the satisfaction of the client.

DUUX Radiator E-Commerce Amazon Image Example 1
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Remote-Front
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Remote

One of the hardest things to do when rendering something in a glossy white finish achieves a realistic and visually pleasing gradation of light. This meant additional time was required for experimentation and unique lighting for each camera in order to achieve this finish across the range.

XO3D always endeavors to collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring the final product is exactly what is asked for. In the case of Duux, their image requirements were quite specific in order to keep continuity with their existing packaging for their existing ranges. Therefore, the cameras that we utilised were pre-determined. We did however produce additional cameras at no extra charge in order to add value not only to their current project, but also to stimulate the ideas for future solutions moving forward.

  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Front-no-Feet
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Right-30-no-Feet
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Right-no-Feet
  • DUUX-RadiatorRenders-White-Lefty-no-Feet

Stunning Product CGI

XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilized by Duux for their new product launch.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.