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Smarter AM is a game-changing company, their mission is to make your morning routine easier, by creating smart products that work for you. Currently, they have three devices, the iKettle, Smart Fridge Cam and finally their smart coffee machine.

They approached us to improve their product photography as it was inconsistent. This page is a series of three for Smarter AM, firstly showing the iKettle.


Product Rendering


3D Modelling
3D Rendering



iKettle – Visit the Smarter AM website to buy your kettle here.

The iKettle 3rd Generation is a kitchen essential with lots of clever features such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Home’ modes. Controlling through the Smarter app the iKettle will improve your routine and control the water for your coffee or tea with smart precision.

Coffee Machine – Visit the Smarter Am website to buy your coffee machine here

The coffee machine of the future, with customisation options that include bean-to-cup or filter, strength, grind coarseness and volume – providing you with ultimate control. Elevate your morning routine by having the perfect blend brewed, ready and waiting.

Fridge Cam – Visit the Smarter AM website to buy your fridge cam here.

Ever gone to the shop and forgotten what you have left in the fridge? This is where the fridge cam comes in, allowing you to check what you last had in the fridge when you closed it. With the Smarter App, you can keep track of your inventory, track expiry dates, and stay on top of your grocery shop through Tesco and Amazon Fresh integrations.


The iKettle has 3 ranges consisting of a total of 5 different variations. The 3 ranges include The Original, Monochrome & Limited Edition.

  • Rose Gold Kettle Hero 3D Rendering
  • Light Grey Kettle Hero 3D Rendering
  • Dark Grey Kettle Hero 3D Rendering
  • Aluminium Kettle Hero 3D Rendering
  • White Kettle Hero 3D Rendering

We worked with Alex and Thomas and the quality of the work delivered was superb. Great service and great results. I would highly recommend XO3D.

Bruno – 

Digital Marketing Manager  – SmarterAM

The iKettle is a smart device that will change your morning routine. Ask ‘Alexa, put the kettle on and enjoy a few extra glorious minutes in bed.

Visit the Smarter website here to buy yours now. 


Smarter AM had come to the conclusion that many companies today are facing. Product photography is not consistent and can be damaging to product marketing, website imagery and sales material. With the flexibility that CGI offers, it is the winner over photography hands down. By using our product imagery, Smarter AM now have the ability to use our images in many ways. With very high-resolution imagery it allows our customers the power to cut and chop the images in as many ways as can be thought to make more stunning content without losing that crisp finish. This gives even more value over photography that sometimes is not very high resolution. 


ikettle 360

Use your mouse to move the image.

Coffee Machine E-Commerce Render
Fridge Cam E-Commerce 3D Rendering
iKettle E-Commerce Render